The Twins – Two (and a Half) Year Update

The twins are two and a half, and as I write that, I am in disbelief. I’m caught between missing their adorable newborn yawns and awaiting the age of full fledged conversation. I miss their constant snuggles, which have now been replaced with the occasional “go way mommy.” I long for them to eat a meal as contently as they took a bottle, and for fewer messes under the dining room table. Continue reading


Andrea’s Take: A Round up of my Favorite Outfits (Thrifted, of course)

After Emma’s round up last week, I had to throw in a thirfted round up post! I seriously  have been wanting to do one of these posts for so long! I read blogs frequently, and one of my favorite pieces places to get instant fashion inspiration is from fellow bloggers!

Since I thrift the majority of my wardrobe and home, its always a challenge to provide clickable links. Instead, I am going to just provide the inspiration! I hope all the outfits showcased below give you some ideas of how you can style a few different looks.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned thrifting, it’s that there are so many different pieces out there, and even in your own closet, that your can reuse and restyle to create a totally new look!

This outfit is always a go-to for me! Just pair high-waisted skinny jeans with a kimono or cardigan thrown on top and walk out the door. 

This “skirt” is actually a maxi dress with a lightweight summer sweater on top! Finding multiple ways to use one piece expands your wardrobe without spending any additional money.


This is the maxi without the sweater, and I adore it this way as well. The shoes are also a thrifted find and will carry me through spring, summer, and fall!


Monocromatic is a trend I love, and pairing a plain dress with a camo jacket really brought the dress to life!

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Outfit Round Up AND my Nordy Sale purchases

This week, I was a good blogger and took pictures of my more put together outfits for the week. Still, in true “Emma form,” I spent far too many days in sweaty workout clothes before showering and putting on real clothes. I love getting dressed, and doing my hair after a morning workout, but the twins sleep schedule has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. And such, so has their mother’s appearance. Send help. Please.

Complaining aside, here are my favorite outfits from this week. All the pieces are affordable, and could really take you though all seasons if layered. Oh, and I did shop the Nordstrom sale! Not for anything in particular, but I’m linking up what I purchased and will share the pieces when they arrive in the mail!

This Week’s Outfits 

This dress is my absolute favorite! It is extremely flattering and only $35.

I am not sure how this shirt is unavailable in this color (I purchased it LITERALLY 5 days ago), but this color is still available and I love it too. Its a light teal color with mustard and white. The top is very lightweight and has a scoop neck in the back, which I love.

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Tips for Going on a Cruise with a Toddler

We recently just returned from sailing away to Cozumel, Mexico on my husband and I’s third cruise and my 15 month old son’s first cruise.

We honestly have tried to have the mentality since Tucker was born that we would try to go and explore even when we could easily use the excuse that we can’t because we have a baby.

Going into this cruise, we didn’t know what to expect with a toddler.We knew it wouldn’t be like a super relaxing vacation, but we also forgot to lower our expectations so I am doing that for you now!

I’m going to lend a list of tips and advice that we learned quickly on the cruise if you are traveling with a baby or toddler. These tips go for those who have never cruised before & those that have but never with kids.

(We cruised with Carnival Cruise line- everything I mention below applies to all ships with just this cruise line. These rules could vary with other companies.)

Let’s get into it.

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Santa Monica to Malibu – A Weekend Travel Guide

 El Matador State Beach. A bit of a drive out of the LA area but so worth it!!


About once a month, my job takes me to SoCal. About every other, other, other trip, I am able to get out of the office and explore a little. Earlier this year, my sister and friend met me in SoCal after a week of work, and we explored for the weekend. If the weekend is all you have, you can definitely get to a few of the hot spots in and around LaLaLand. And, if you have the weekend planned out like we did, you will get the most out of your trip. Here’s the itinerary we followed to explore the surrounding area of LA in only 2.5 days!


If you are an east coaster, taking an after work flight still gets you into the airport (LAX) with sometime to explore due to the 3 hour time difference. We chose to explore downtown Santa Monica on Friday evening, and check out the infamous Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Ave restaurants.

As far as dinner (and cocktails go), Blue Plate Taco would be the best spot right on Ocean Ave. for a reasonably priced meal and an amazing margarita.

If you want to enjoy a finer dinner, try The Ivy or The Lobster. Both are on Ocean Ave too, and both have phenomenal food. The Ivy is super eclectic and manages to mate nautical and garden party decor, while The Lobster feels more formal with its wicker chairs and white table cloths. You truly can’t go wrong with either!

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A Boho Take on The Maxi Dress

img_0057img_0083img_0033img_0029Dress- Rue21 via Thrift Store – $4 // Lightweight Distressed Sweater via Thrift Store- $2.00 // Purse – Franco Sarto via thrift store – $8.00 // Booties- Hot Tomato via Thrift Store- $5.00 // Total cost of outfit – $19.00

I have a real love/hate relationships with Maxis. I hate them because I only stand at 5’1 and it’s rare to find one that fits me in height even with heels on.  Otherwise, I would live in them. Continue reading

What we’ve learned as Beginner Bloggers


Our first selfie together shortly after we started our blogging journey! So far, we’ve shot all our own content, which makes it hard to get many pictures where we are actually together. Read about the start to our blogging journey below.

The idea to start blogging together occurred over drinks at Good Word Brewing in our favorite little suburban Atlanta town center, Duluth. We started talking about how refreshing we thought it would be to see two moms blog together in an all inclusive, accepting way. We each knew that the other did life and motherhood a bit differently, but we both approached it with a get ‘ideas from others and then do what works for you attitude’. We hope you’ve seen a bit of that as you’ve followed us for the past three months, and we will try and find new ways to bring that vision to life as our blogging journey continues.

With today’s post, we wanted to talk about what has transpired since the day we decided to blog together over a cold beer at Good Word. We have learned so much, and are eager to learn everything we can about this business! And if there’s one thing we’ve come to realize it’s that there’s no shortage of things you can learn and try as a beginner blogger. Call this our “hindsight 20/20 view, our mistakes are your gain” post.

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