10 Items You need for your 1-year-old

Our son is now 16 months old and I have been accumulating this lissince he turned one. I feel like there is a significant shift in the things you need or that are helpful from 0-12 months and 12 months on.

These ten items have been helpful/great for us over the past 4 months and hopefully they are for you too!

  1. Shape Sorter– It’s time that your little one begins to understand shapes,colors and numbers more.  Getting toys that gets his brain working is needed at this stage.
  2. Sleep Sack – we have been using sleep sacks since 4 months old and upgraded Tucker to the 12-18 months size around his birthday. I love these and so does Tuck .It gives him a sense of comfort and no worries for mom and dad at night with loose blankets.
  3.  High Chair – I love love love our high chair we got for Tuck. It’s not bulky, It’s minimal and its all he needs . Also- extremely affordable – Why are highchairs so expensive?
  4. Push Toy- This is great for his/her’s motor skills and they love it. Tucker’s push toy is the classic lawn mower that as you push it produces bubbles. We are on a huge bubble kick right now so this is a favorite of Tuckers.
  5.  Utensils & Plates- I speak to this one because I have a favorite brand that I buy all of Tucker’s utensils and plates from. This company makes all of their products from recycled milk jugs and is completely Eco-Friendly.
  6. Umbrella Stroller- You may already have one of these, but we ended up getting one around his 1st birthday and WOW- what a difference it makes carrying that around compared to the ones you get that the car seat attaches into . We have the JEEP umbrella stroller. Its durable and has a one hand fold which makes it easy when it is just Tucker and I out and about.
  7. Music/Musical Instruments – Around 12 months or so, Babies really pick up on Music and rhythm. Tucker got a drum set for his 1st birthday that he loves and plays with all the time. We also allow him to hear all types of music and he as of recently understands the idea of dancing.
  8. Teddy Bear/ Stuffed Animal – Now that they are at an age where it is okay to sleep with stuffed animals, we started introducing a couple of differet stuffed animals each night for Tucker to sleep with and he finally gravitated towards one of them and that is his new friend! I have heard wonderful things about this one too.
  9. Books.books books. If you do not already have a good stash of books for toddlers – begin collecting them.  Since 15 months, Tucker has been in a obsession with bringing us books to read. We love it and it is such a fun stage. If we didn’t have alot of books, we would be reading “wheels on the bus” around 50 times a day. We just rotate them out for him!
  10. Slip on Shoes – They are at the age of walking now so having tennis shoes or shoes with grip on the bottom is important. I orginally bought Tucker Tennis Shoes that tied and it was very quick that I was searching for slip on sneakers instead. For the sake of just getting out the door, these worked best!

I know this list is an accumulated list of alot of random things, but these are the items I have found neccesary in the last 4 months since Tucker’s 1st birthday. I am sure items will be added as we continue on to year 2 .



The Blog Societies Conference – Part 1

A week ago, I attended The Blog Societies Conference to learn a little somethin’, somethin’ about blogging for Kathryn & Leigh. Andrea wasn’t able to attend because she already had weekend plans, but, the great thing about being a team is that you can play to each others strengths. Andrea is more the introverted, creative half and I am more of the outgoing, back office half of our team. So, an event like a conference is something I get beyond excited about! But, even being an extrovert, I was a little intimidated to attend the The Blog Societies Conference welcome party alone. The women I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with are, from my perspective, successful bloggers, and I didn’t know what they would think of our small blog. Continue reading

10 Tips for Living a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

My Family and I are slowly making the switch to more natural products and slowly changing ways that we can be more eco-friendly in our home.

One thing I have learned from this process is that it just takes time and that’s okay. I feel like you can get crazy overwhelmed when you hear words like recycling, eco-friendly, living natural, going green. I know it once overwhelmed me too.

I realized that every step I take to take care of this sweet Earth God has given us, I felt better about the way I was living day-to-day to contributing to a more green earth.

I wanted to share my top ten tips to becoming more eco-friendly in your home that we have been implementing in ours.

10 Tips for living a more Eco-Friendly life

  1. Recycle Recycle Recycle. I can’t even tell you how much this terrified me. I felt so overwhelmed when I thought about it. Luckily, most counties make it so simple for you to recycle. You can request a free recycling can from your waste management company or you can also just buy a trash can and place a recycle sticker on it too! My recycling trash can is overflowing on Mondays for pickup. It makes me feel so terrible about all those weeks that I just threw away everything that could be reused again. It’s never too late to start this process.
  2. Start becoming more conscious about the electricity that you are using on a daily basis. I am a stay at home mom so I am constantly running all over the house. I have been trying to be more aware of only using the lights in our home when it is necessary. It saves on our bill each month and helps the environment. I just open up all the windows in the home all day for natural light and use the electricity in the evening.
  3. Purchase a reusable water bottle.
  4. Use dish clothes in your kitchen as much as you can in place of paper towels or paper products in general. We were so bad for using up a ridiculous amount of paper towels on a daily basis . It made me ill thinking about it. I had to do something about it, so I hid the paper towels so there were not as easily accessible until we got out of the habit. We rarely use them anymore and only get them out from underneath the cabinet when its necessary.
  5. I can not stress this one enough- secondhand shop for clothing and home decor- at least every now and then if you can not commit to it full-time. That doesn’t mean you have to go into a grungy thrift store (although those are my personal favorite), if you are not one to enjoy the hunt, check out local consignment boutique for nicer secondhand clothes. Always recycle your own clothes too – never throw them in the trash!
  6.  Use reusable canvas bags in grocery stores or when you go shopping & a reusable cup for your coffee in the morning.
  7. Start a compost pile or bin. This is something we have not started doing yet, but it is next on our list. We are setting up a small compost bin in our backyard to dump items that are compostable.
  8. Eat less meat. I say this one with caution – I am not saying you need to completely flip the switch and become vegan if you are not. Meat production results in more carbon emissions than any other protein so you are doing a small part by picking a few select vegetarian meals every week .
  9. Purchase the right light bulbs. Don’t replace all the light bulbs in your home right now that are currently working, but as they burn out replace them with CFL bulbs.  CFL bulbs can last five times longer and use less electricity. They are little more expensive, but it is worth the investment and better for the environment.
  10.  Buy house plants. House plants naturally remove toxins in your home, improve your health & more.

I hope this short beginners list is helpful to starting your eco-friendly journey. I will share more tips and tricks as we go along with our journey too. My main advice is to be okay with a slow transition and don’t overwhelm yourself trying to become completely green overnight. It’s a beautiful journey- enjoy it!



What to Read NOW — “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis

In what seemed like a day, my social media feeds started to fill with quotes from Rachel Hollis. Quotes like “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business” and “Stop waiting on someone else to fix your life.” Then, I heard Rachel Hollis on an Instagram livestream speaking to Beachbody coaches and, as I heard her words, words I had previously only seen written, I knew I had to pick up her book. At first wary of what appeared be an impending Journey in the Personal Development of Yours Truly (I mean, who has time for internal reflections between a full-time job, friends, family and keeping up with the Kardashians?!) , I hit “buy” on my kindle and I am so glad I did.

If you’re reading and you still have no idea who or what I’m talking about, Girl, Wash Your Face is the #1 New York Times Bestseller by Rachel Hollis that encourages women to lean into their whole self and pursue their dreams. In her book, Rachel points out lies she told herself that stood in her way of becoming the best version of herself. She shares lies we call all can relate to – “I’m Not a Good Mom,” “I Should be Further Along Than Now,” and “Something Else Will Make Me Happy.” Ultimately, she uses these lies to show her readers that she’s been there and, through her lived experiences, she can gift them a few tools to help them join her in a place of true happiness. Continue reading

That’s a Wrap!


Tan Bodysuit – Forever21 via thrift store- $3.00 – Similar Here // Wrap Skirt- No brand via thrift store- $3.00 – Similar Here // Hat- Vintage via thrift store – .50 cents – Similar Here // Black Booties – Guess via consignment store – $5.00 – Similar Here 

One of my favorite items this summer that I can’t wait to transition into fall is wrap maxi skirts. I now own a few that I accumulated this summer and It’s one of the easiest ways to dress up or down and still feel so comfortable. It’s an effortless classy look.

I also am starting my own small collection of bodysuits. I am late jumping on this train, but I LOVE them now. It’s a great staple piece to have at least one in your closet.

To speak to my hat and boots, the majority of my closet is dark and black so these two pieces get plenty of use all seasons and are two of my can’t-live-without items!



MOM Jeans and Pretty Litte Bodysuits

DSC_0202 (2)

Sunnies HERE // Multiple washes of these “mom jeans”  HERE // Size up in these jeans. I am typically a 25 for anything highwaisted and went with a 28 in these-!

DSC_0205 (2)

DSC_0201 (2)

Black bodysuit tank HERE // Only available in XS, but linking more options at the end of this post!

DSC_0168 (2)

Shoes HERE // $60 and SO COMFORTABLE

Let’s talk about the “mom jean” trend. I mean, the reality is they are making fun of all us mamas, right? I could be wrong here, but the whole name “mom jean” totally pokes fun at us mamas who just want some freedom in our jeans, and are rebelling against those mid rise, super skinny jeans that our pre-baby self felt oh-so-sexy in. If they weren’t poking fun at that, they would be called “supermodel jeans” or “single lady jeans.” I mean, am I right? Continue reading

Polka dots & Palazzo Pants

I love polka dots, a good vintage piece & high waisted palazzo pants. This outfit was one of my favorites to put together and something I have and will  continue to repeat !

I have been holding on to these pants for years & I just tore the tags off a couple of months ago. I was waiting for it to become socially acceptable to wear these pants in public.

The “top” is my favorite. I am usually horrible at figuring out creative ways to use items of clothes, but I purchased this oversized polka dot vintage blazer for .50 cents from the thrift store outlet knowing I had to figure out how to wear it so I tied it up quickly in front of my bedroom mirror & thought “this is actually cute”!

DSC_0216 Continue reading