Baby Essentials for the First Year

As soon as I sat down to write this, I realized I felt like I could write a novel about my first year as a first time mom. I feel like I have gained more knowledge in the first year of having a child than I did in my 27 years living. I also have never felt more lost in direction at times too. I’m sure all first time moms & dads can relate ?!

I can’t wait to share some of our must-haves for our first & I only put them on this list if I plan on using them for baby #2 whenever that may be. Let’s dive into our favorites!


dock a tot

I’ll start with the most expensive one & get it out of the way. It is an investment piece, but for us, it was one that was well worth it & we will use it for each baby we have.  Tucker slept in the Dock a Tot with us from birth to the transition to crib in our room until he outgrew it around 5 months . We think it, as it is designed to do, gave him the comfort of closeness with the way it is structured and made him feel safe as a newborn. It is great for co-sleeping as well. One of our favorites things about the dock-a-tot is how easy it was to travel around with him.We traveled a lot his first 6 months and it was basically like a portable crib we carried everywhere and he slept great wherever we were.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle


I know some parents opt out on swaddling and their baby sleeps find without it, but for us that was not the case. It was necessary for decent sleep for the first 4 months. We tried a few different swaddle sacks that were given to us as shower gifts, but we finally narrowed in on our and Tucker’s favorite. The Halo Swaddle Sleepsack was easily his favorite and he rarely every broke out of it which was nice. It is a regular sleep sack, but has velcro flaps that allow you to swaddle the baby so snug. Between his swaddle & the dock-a-tot, he was so comfortable every night for bed!

Graco DuoConnect Swing & Bouncer


Honestly- I am sure all swings have the same effect on babies, but I am just going to share the one we have because it was my saving grace for some many reasons. Ours is the Graco DuoConnect Swing & Bouncer. It was gifted to us at our baby shower & we love it . It has multiple settings for speed, different music options & can easily be converted to a bouncer by quickly disconnecting the seat. Tucker used to love napping in the swing as a baby and it was a break for mama as well.  You have to have a swing & bouncer, it doesn’t have to be this one- but it is a must-have for the first 6 months. This one offered both options in one!

Boba Wrap


Tucker was very picky about carriers. We got every different carrier out there for his baby showers and the only one he took to at all is the Boba wrap.  This doesn’t mean that this is the one that will work for you and your baby, but a carrier is a must. It changes the game for being on the go with your baby and allows you to hold him/her close while still getting the chores done around the house or grocery shopping and not having to carry around a bulky car seat.  We tried a few different wraps and this was by far my favorite . Once Tucker turned 7 months old, he prefer a carrier instead.

Hush Sound Machine

hush machine

This sound machine- literally bowing down as I type this. Its a $30 machine called the Hush Sound Machine that fits in the palm of my hand. The sound is so incredible for this little machine and once charged, it can last I know personally for 12 hours straight on battery power alone. It has 3 different sound options. Honestly- probably one of my favorite purchases to date for Tucker. He still uses it to this day every night. If for some reason the machine cuts off or gets unplugged from the wall, he immediately wakes up. I believe we have created a monster.

To finish this up, I know some of these are investment pieces, but after the first 6 months, these were the pieces I walked away knowing they were necessities for both the parents and the baby. I hope this guide is helpful to you if you are pregnant with your first and need some guidance!




Five Newborn Necessities – 0 to 6 months

If there is one thing I remember about the first 6 months with my twins, it is that I had WAY TO MUCH STUFF. If I truly boiled it down, the five items I’m sharing here were all I really needed, and they derived from the idea of the 4 “S”es for newborns. I actually think there is a whole book dedicated to this idea, but I never read it. I remember someone telling me to just follow the 4 “S”es – suck, shush, swaddle, sway – to sooth newborns, and it just stuck. Since this got us through naps and bedtimes with the twins, and help keep both parents on the same page, I thought I’d share some of the items that kept us sane for the first 6 months of parenthood.

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How to Stay Motivated Working (yes, WORKING) from Home


I work form home in Atlanta, GA for a beverage company based out of Santa Monica. CA. I have been working remotely for wanu water for 4 years, and I’ve developed a few tips for working from home along the way.

Four years ago I transitioned from working in an office to working from home 100% of the time. Being the extrovert that I am, the transition was very scary for me. Sure, I couldn’t wait to get rid of my two hour daily commute in Atlanta traffic, but I knew I would miss the in-person meetings, getting recaps of peoples weekends, and the lunches at trendy Atlanta dining spots. I was nervous that without being within hearing distance of daily conversations I wouldn’t have a pulse on everyone’s challenges and responsibilities. And, at the time, I didn’t have the twins running around like little minons filling the house with laughter (and whines), so the whole idea sounded very lonely.

I took the dip, and for the past few years I’ve only been in an office about once a month when I travel to headquarters. The trips to headquarters are a desired respite; I soak in the time to myself and away form home responsibilities. But, since I work from home the majority of the time, I have developed tools and tasks that help me stay focused, energized, and engaged with my colleagues, literally, across the country in California. If you’re thinking about working from home or just in a rut working from home in your current position, I hope these tips and tricks help you out. Continue reading