Five Facts About Emma {Kathryn} & Andrea {Leigh}

Have you all seen the latest Instagram trend? Everyone I know is getting tagged to post five things about themselves and share in their Instagram stories. We weren’t tagged, and this isn’t an Instagram story, but we thought this would be a fun way to start things off and let you know a few things about us!


Emma {Kathryn}

  1. I met my husband at a “Naughty School Girls, Dirty Professors” party, and I have pictures to document! I still remember our first kiss that night, and even told my roommates the next morning how amazing it was! I really feel we have a very natural connection, but nine years later, we still work very hard on our communication and trying to acknowledge and meet each others needs in life and marriage.
  2. I work remotely in Atlanta for wanu water, an enhanced water company based in Santa Monica. I was employee number 4, and have lived and breathed all things wanu for 3 years. I travel to Los Angeles about once a month, and it seriously feels other worldly — amazing beaches, healthy food everywhere, and some amazing fitness classes. I took a hot yoga class in an infrared sauna with a salt wall. Yeah, don’t ask me what that does for you, but it was interesting and unique!
  3. I swam competitively for 22 years, but rarely get in a pool to actually swim anymore. But, I do still crave those early morning endorphins and instead wake up at 5:30 AM to do 30 minute workout (FBG, Tabata Intervals, Orange Theory). I love me some self care (like a facial or pedicure), but since I rarely get to go for one, these 30 minutes are an absolute necessity.
  4. I love where we live (even though I miss my home town of Baltimore). The Suwanee/Duluth area of Georgia is so family friendly, and there have been some big changes since we moved here. There are some great parks and community pools, and some trendy restaurants and shops are starting to come to the area. And, all the hopping parts of the ATL are only 35 minutes away! We hope to share some of this town with all of you!
  5. I am an open book, and I love people. I love learning about people and what makes them tick. I try my hardest to be the most accepting person I can be, and be understanding of everyone’s journey. We are all onions, and it takes time, energy, and respect to peel back the layers and understand one another.


Andrea {Leigh}

  1. I moved away from my hometown in East Tennessee a week after graduating high school and moved to Lynchburg, VA for the 4 years where I got my degree & a husband. I met my husband my first week before my freshman year started. He was helping move a friend into the dorms and that friend happened to be the only friend I had so far . I will tell our whole love story in a blog post later down the road. But 8 years later, we now live in Atlanta, GA & have a 11 month old son!
  2. I LOVE LOVE thrifting and finding a good deal and that is something you are going to see alot from me on this blog. I would safely say 95 percent of my closet and my home decor are from a thrift store or a garage sale.
  3. My husband and I love to travel and have been to 30 states in the U.S. and 7 countries . You will find some posts scattered throughout the blog on my tips and must dos in different cities!
  4.  I have a mad obsession with the 1960s and 1970s & anything pertaining to these two decades- home decor, music, fashion- One peek into my home and closet and this one will be evident quickly.
  5. I worked in Marketing for 5 years after college, but 11 months ago, I accepted a new job as a domestic engineer aka stay-at-home mama- I absolutely love it.

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