Layla and Marie Turn T.W.O.


What’s a birthday party without an EPIC cake. Fondant unicorn horn, eyelashes, and flowers are from this AMAZING Etsy shop!

Our blogging journey is still relatively new, but I am sure you already know I have twin girls, Layla and Marie. On January 14th they turned two! I know you’re all thinking it, the terrible twos, but we’ve already had a taste of that. The terrible twos start at eighteen months and DO. NOT. let anyone tell you otherwise.

Even though the girls moods would be unpredictable on their birthday, we decided to throw them a birthday party! And, I should clarify by we, I mean my mom and sister decided we were having a birthday party. They sent ME an invite to MY daughter’s birthday party at MY house, and made it very clear to me that we would be having a unicorn theme. (Did I mention I can be a bit dramatic?)

Typically, I might be a little defensive about this sort of thing, but on this occasion I welcomed their audacity. Working AND putting dinner on the table has seemed like too much lately. I had no problems accepting the Etsy steamers, personalized signage, and unicorn plates and napkins that were sent directly to my house without consultation. As you can probably tell, I wasn’t exactly inspired and ready to throw this birthday bash, but when I received a fondant unicorn horn in the mail, my creative juices got flowing and I was all about this unicorn party!

Fast forward and the day of the party 20-some friends and family stopped over, including Andrea, Clayton, and their little guy Tucker. There were ballons, ALL THE BALLOONS. We pounded mimosas, bite size chicken and waffles, and devoured that epic unicorn cake. We made sure to keep it Southern with some biscuits and gravy too! The food was delicious, the company was even better, and the girls had an absolute blast! And, as I am sure you can see in the pictures, they were absolutely showered with tons of love!

Layla and Marie Turn 2_Image 1

Shirts are from good old Target! They have so many options for girls and boys! // Favorite toys (in background) are the Melissa & Doug School Bus and Airplane



To give you all some details, the adorable unicorn cookies are by Sweeter by the Batch in Greensboro, NC (find her on Facebook!). And, you know what, they tasted great too! Sometimes super decorated cookies like this are not the best, but these are about as good as  Christmas sugar cookies. I made the cake with a little help from a Pillsbury Funfetti Cake mix, and a fondant unicorn horn sent directly to my house from Etsy. Let’s be real, I get by with a little homemade, and a little boxed cake mix.

Leave a comment if you’d like to see a post with any of the recipes or a tutorial on how I made and decorated the cake!




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