Boss Mom Necessities: 11 Items to Keep Handy when Traveling for Work


Three years ago, traveling for work was really a foreign process. I dreaded the packing process, and getting everything I thought I needed into a carry on. I always knew I would forget something, and have to pay some crazy amount of money in the airport for a phone charger or earbuds. FOURTY dollars for a charging cable in the airport – highway robbery, but you can’t travel without one!

Now, travel feels seamless. I can pack a carry on for 3-5 days in 10 minutes, and my backpack is loaded with necessities to fly five hours across country. In fact, I leave my backpack necessities packed so that I never forget them! For this post, I thought I’d share exactly what I take in my backpack.

The backpack thing may be a good place to start. I still carry my college backpack with me on my work trips. When I first started traveling, I carried a giant Marc Jacobs tote. I wanted to be fashionable, and it made me feel like a bas-a**-boss-mama. But, I could never find what I needed, and quickly into the trip it became highly disorganized. I made the transition to a backpack maybe 6 months into traveling, and I’ve never gone back.

Here’s what I keep in my backpack (laptop and laptop changer aside):

  1. Travel size lotion – EOS or Nivea – And be careful when you open in flight, they can definitely quirt at you due to the pressure change!
  2. Facial Mist – My favorite is L’Occitane. The Atlanta airport has an L’Occitane store where I will restock during my travels!
  3. Chapstick, EOS ball, but really just your favorite lip moisturizer
  4. Headphones (and that connector thing so you can plug into the TVs if you have an iPhone 7 or higher)
  5. Changer (USB cable and wall plug)/ Mophie charger (just in case you can’t charge in flight)
  6. Eye Mask – I have a plain black one my mom got from a flight to Saudi Arabia once (kind of like this), but if you want to get people talking you’re going to need THIS or THIS.  I always intend to catch up on lost sleep due to my crazy toddlers on my flights so I have zero shame, and fully own an eye mask!
  7. Earplugs – If you can, find a pair like these that have their own container! It will help you keep from loosing them!
  8. Ibuprofen
  9. Neck pillow
  10. Water bottle or two (hydration is key!)
  11. Healthy snacks (I keep these in a gallon plastic baggie, and include almonds, apples, ThinkThin and/or RX bars, and Jiff-to-Go)


Other than the water bottle and my snacks, I keep all the items in a flexible cosmetic case so that I can tuck it easily into my backpack. I like to use a case that has compartments on the side to keep everything organized. TUMI is always a good choice for travel, and I love this case. For me staying hydrated and keeping your skin hydrated is so important with travel. The air is so dry, and I immediately want to get off the plane and lather my body, lips, and face in Vaseline if I don’t keeps items 1-3 easily accessible!

These things help keep me comfortable during my 5 hour flight to Los Angeles and back home to Atlanta. Depending on the time of my flight, I have used the time to catch up on work, watch a movie or show, and definitely sleep! Since I mentioned shows, some of my favorites offered for free on Delta have definitely been Big Little Lies and The Sinner. So, so, so good!

Any recommendations for what I should watch on my next flight?




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