Tucker Levi’s Birth Story


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I love reading birth stories, especially in the time leading up to the birth of our son I was reading SO many of them. It was so inspiring to me to see how each story was so different, but still so beautiful and emotional.

In reality, nothing can really prepare you for this day and how your birth story will play out. It will go how it goes and every mom’s story will be totally different.

Here’s mine…

I will preface by saying that I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I had sickness in the first trimester and the last few weeks of pregnancy were pretty uncomfortable and annoying- all the time in between I loved.

It was two days before my due date and I had been going to the doctor every week in the last month to check on the progress of baby Harvey to see if I had dilated any. The week I went into labor I had gone for my weekly check up and had only dilated 1 centimeter and my mid wife thought that there was a good chance I would make it to my next weekly check up, which was the day after my due date since the progression was slow at this point.

That check up was on Tuesday- on Thursday, I lost part of my mucus plug (TMI but real life), which the old wives tale is that you may go into labor within 48 hours after losing the plug, so at this point I was on guard. However, I was not feeling any contractions or anything else besides braxton hicks, which I had for weeks prior to going into labor.


6 hours before I went into labor – Going to get food of course!

Saturday rolls around and that morning I lost more of my mucus plug and I just had a feeling at this point I was not going to make it to my due date.  We went about our Saturday anyways getting stuff done around the house. I even ventured out to get Dunkin Donuts & made a trip to Hobby Lobby.

The rest of the day was normal. We went to sleep that night {Let me rephrase that- Clayton went to sleep and I was just uncomfortable and COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP as usual at this point in the pregnancy}.

Around Midnight I started feeling what I was certain was contractions. I started using a contraction timer app I had downloaded and like I suspected, the contractions were coming about 10 minutes apart. At that point, I woke Clayton up and we headed out the door-quickly grabbing the hospital bag and calling our family members at 1:30 in the morning on our drive to the hospital so they could get started on their road trip to Atlanta.

By the time we got there, my contractions were getting very strong and painful and it felt like it was HOURS before they got me into the triage (aka the little room they put you in to see how much you have dilated & if you are ready to be admitted). Once we finally got into a triage room, the contractions were around 6 minutes apart and they were not feeling so great. I should mention this – from the moment I started having contractions, I had all of them in my back only.  I completely labored in my back.

The nurse checked my dilation and said I was only at 2 1/2 centimeters dilated. We then saw the triage doctor who nicely told us that we could walk around the hospital to labor some more or go back home.  My contractions were hurting so bad that they decided to do an ultrasound before we made the next decision.

Thankfully, they did that- because I had very little water left in my amniotic sac- the doctor was actually very surprised and asked me if my water had broke. I told him if it did – I had no idea. He said the water must have been slowly leaking over the past couple weeks. For that reason, They decided I could not leave and needed to be admitted now.

After what felt like was an eternity, we finally got a room, but I still wanted to deal with the contractions naturally until I got a little further along since I was still only at 2 1/2 centimeters dilated. So we walked and walked and I couldn’t bear that pain anymore so I hopped in the shower and dealt with the contractions with the water beating down on my back. With having back labor, the shower felt the absolute best for dealing with the pain. I HIGHLY recommend it.

I did that for maybe 20 minutes and the pain had become too much, so I asked for the epidural . Oddly, they did not check my dilation before they gave me the epidural, they just started prepping me to receive it. After getting the epidural, I felt like a million bucks. I could still feel every contraction, but it wasn’t very painful.

They checked me directly after giving me the epidural and I had gone all the way up to 8 CM dilated- no wonder my contractions were hurting so bad! Crazy jump! The mid wife looked at my husband and said “Looks like you are going to be having a baby by noon.” It was around 10:30 a.m. at this time and we were starting to feel like this was actually happening. Reality sunk in.

The next couple hours went by with little excitement . I was able to take a quick nap, but then the epidural started to wear off on one side and I was starting to feel the pain again so they gave me another dose of pain medication at that point.  It was around this time that I felt the need to start pushing .

My mid wife came in and told us that the baby’s head was right there ready to come out and that is why I felt the urge so she said I should push anytime I feel like I need to. With my mom holding one leg & my husband holding the other- I pushed & pushed & pushed.

Two hours later & a lot of pushing ….

still no baby.

The next hour can be described as chaotic at best. It’s a blur to me (My husband had to help me write this part). All eyes were on the monitors, particularly the one monitoring baby Harvey’s heartbeat & all of our family anxiously waiting outside of the our room to hear that first cry, as the nurses and doctors all seemed determined that it was time for us to meet our little man. After a few final changes in direction (which was a theme of this birth story) it was finally on suction cup attempt #2 that Tucker Levi Harvey entered the world and was placed in my arms. I can vaguely remember the feeling of relief, joy, tears, praise, exhaustion; but those next 15 minutes were dominated by my obsession with my little gift from God.


On this day one year ago, April 2nd 2017 at 2:53 p.m., our lives changed for the better. We couldn’t believe we had lived all those years without him.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!






One thought on “Tucker Levi’s Birth Story

  1. Stacie King says:

    I just cried my way through reading this 😭 just like I did on that day a year ago! Can’t believe little man is already 1 😍 love you all so much!

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