Layla & Marie’s Nursery Tour


Here’s the hubs holding little Layla in the biggest, comfiest rocking chair we could find. The bookshelves are actually spice racks from Ikeaand we simply stained them with a natural oak stain. It was a Pinterest hack that actually worked! Photo Cred: Kathleen Bowie Photography.

We took newborn photos in the girls nursery when they were just 14 days old! It was the perfect backdrop! Photo Cred: Kathleen Bowie Photography.

The girls turned two in January so I’d be lying if their nursery looked nearly this put together anymore. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t miss the days when they lay in their cribs so still and content for 20+ hours a day as newborns. When they were newborns, there weren’t nearly as many legos to step on, books to organize, or stuffed animals (oh the stuffed animals!) to find a home for. They also couldn’t get out of their beds, which was conducive to much, much easier bed times. And, their nursery was almost always as put together as it is in these photos, which suited my OCD quite well.

The inspiration for the girls nursery evolved from a singular wall paper design. This is typically how all the rooms in my house go – I find one thing that just speaks to me, and then I design around it. For my basement, it was a pillow. A single black pillow with white dots. For the nursery, it was the true-to-form elephants, giraffes, and lions of National Geographics Safari wallpaper. I can’t imagine taking it down so we may just design around it till they leave for college. (Oh, and P.S. I tried like heck to find the link for this wallpaper, but could only find it in green. We originally purchased it online from Home Depot).

Somehow black and white wall paper with safari animals evolved into bright, colorful bedding, and a natural rug with color woven through out. For the bedding, I worked with an Etsy designer, MadlyWish, who put together a collection of crib sheets, lined blankets, and changing pad covers to match my vision. I spent sometime debating my rug choice, and went back and forth between a subdued bohemian white and grey diamond pattern and a more color woven rug. Ultimately, I bought both (so typical, I’m super visual and super indecisive), and tired them out prior to returning the white and grey one. I thought the color in the woven one made the colors of the sheets I had designed seem more relevant. I found the particular rug I used in the girls nursery at World Market for less than $150, and I love it to this day. The same rug is no longer available, but I will link a few similar and in the same price range at the end of this post.


Here were the two rug options I explored. Ultimately, I liked them both, but the size and color of the bottom rug fit the space and my vision better. 

Some other special items I bought for the nursery were the girls mobiles and the massive rocking chair (HERE). I wish I could say I spent many wonderful hours nursing the twins in that BIG, COMFY chair, but I’d be lying. The only way to nurse the twins together was on the HARD, UNFORGIVING floor. But, it hasn’t gone unused. Now that the girls are bigger, we spend many bedtimes reading together and telling stories. It’s a great chair, reclines with a footrest too, so not all was lost despite my nursing challenges.

The final two pieces you may notice are the girls cribs and their dresser. The cribs are nothing special, but we continue to use them to this day since they convert to a toddler bed. The dresser was a labor of love, and my husband is a saint for bearing with me to create my vision! We deconstructed a dresser we had previously purchased and removed all the paint to get down to the natural wood. We removed a few of the top drawers so that in their place I could put baskets for storage. We even built a lip around the perimeter of the dresser top to hold the changing pad in place. Unfortunately, the cute little baskets and optimal storage only last until the girls were big enough to pull themselves up, pull the baskets down, and completely empty them ten thousand times a day!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our twins nursery, and exactly how we set one room up for two babies! If you want to see similar items available now, just click the pictures below with links to items similar to those we used in Layla and Marie’s nursery!

5'x8' Bleached Jute and Woven Chindi Safara Area Rug

Charm Wool Rug

6'x9' Black Geo Chindi Reversible Amarah Area Rug

Chambray Animal Mobile

This is the exact mobile we used above both girls beds!










And this is the exact chair we still use for bedtime stories now!




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