Thrift Shopping Tips for Beginners

Thrift Store

I have been an avid thrifter since I was 14. My mom used to take me all the time and I fell in love with the hunt. It is such an adrenaline rush when you find a diamond in the rough.  When I was a teenager, that diamond would have been an Aeropostale Shirt at Goodwill for $3.

Since I have been thrifting for over 10 years, I feel like I have gathered my tips & tricks on how to enjoy an experience at a thrift store and I am going to share those in segments with you throughout the next few months.

The one thing that everyone asks me when they find out I thrift is “I have tried it a couple times and I NEVER find anything- how do you find such great things?”

I want to break this down into my first top 5 tips on how you can find great pieces at a fraction of the retail price and things to keep in mind when you are just getting started as a thrifter.

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  1. First – I HIGHLY recommend researching the best thrift stores around your area. I usually use Yelp to do this & I keep an open mind when reading the reviews. You have to take the thrift stores for what they are and experience them for yourself.  One more tip when searching is to look for any thrift store outlets that may be in your area. Goodwill has outlets in most states as well as other thrift store chains.
  2. I can’t stress this one enough- BE PATIENT. If the P word isn’t your thing, thrifting may not be either. It can takes hours in a thrift store searching through each items. Over the hundreds of old, crappy pieces of clothing that you sort through, you WILL walk away with some great pieces.
  3. Know your labels and what kind of items you are looking for. To look quickly & efficiently, know what clothing labels you are looking for  so you can speed through the items faster on the rack . NEVER pass up denim . That’s usually the goldmine!
  4. Go to the back of the thrift store & search through the home decor section. I have furnished the majority of my home from thrift stores so I never pass up a quick walk around the home decor section. There are a lot of times that I do not find anything, but I make it part of my routine everytime I go.
  5. My last quick tip before you leave your house & head out the door- look at pinterest first. I do this ALL the time to get fashion inspiration, look at home DIYs I would love to do, or even just home decor inspiration. That way I can drive to the thrift store and my creative juices are flowing and ready to search for great pieces for my wardrobe & home. This step really helps me think out of the box a little and be open minded .

I hope this was helpful if you are thinking about tackling thrift shopping for the first time. I will be following up with some other blog posts on thrifting hacks and tips, but I wanted to help you first get the courage to give thrifting a shot.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment & hopefully I can help answer those as I continue to write in this series.




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