36 hours in Miami: Coconut Grove

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Recently I was able to tag along with my husband on a work trip to Miami and It was a small break that this mama desperately needed.  My husband is a project manager and one of his projects is currently in Coconut Grove, so that is where we spent the duration of our trip and it is the place to be in Miami .

Believe it or not, it is Miami’s original neighborhood. It has actually been around since the 1800s before Miami ever existed and it shows in its character.


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  • Mutiny Hotel – This is where we stayed on our trip & where my husband stays every time he makes the trip to his job site. I highly recommend looking into this hotel – it’s local & It has some of the cheapest rates in the area.  It is overlooking the bay & all rooms are set up like 1 bedroom apartments so it is great for extended stays as well or large families!
  • There are some really cute airbnb options in the area if you prefer that over a hotel. Check them out here !



Coconut Grove is the hot spot for local eclectic restaurants .There are SO many to try, but I will walk you through a few that we ate at or heard were amazing :


  • Berries in the Grove- I have heard that have AMAZING brunch options!
  • Greenstreet Cafe- Although we did not eat breakfast here, we caught a glimpse of their brunch menu & It looks incredible. If you check it out, let me know!
  • Le Pain Quotidien – Visit this place for breakfast or lunch and you will NOT be dissappointed. My husband raves about the omelettes.


  • Lokal – Its a burger joint & the vibe is incredible. My husband eats here A LOT when he travels down solo!
  • Lulu’s – It is a hotspot and very popular during lunch and dinner hours, but it is a must if you are eating in the area! Go with a friend and sample through some of their delicious small plate options.
  • Greenstreet Cafe- This is directly across the street from Lulus & equally just as good and popular. Best Salmon I have ever had!
  • Glass & Vine – We didn’t eat here, but have heard only great things about this restaurant & they have a playground on the outside for your kiddos to run around so that you can actually enjoy your dinner!



I had a lot of time to explore while my husband was working, so I really took most of what Coconut Grove had to offer. I would say the appeal is more for food than anything else in this area, but here are some recommendations I have if you are staying in the area and want to walk to shopping/other fun things. All of these activities were a 7 minute walk or less from where we were staying at the Mutiny Hotel- it’s a very walkable area if you are staying in the heart of it!

  • All the shopping is on Commodore Plaza. Just start from the corner and work your way down going in and out of all the great shops on this street. I do not have expensive taste, so this was more like window shopping for me, but if you do – this is a great place to shop.  They also had a couple of high end resale shops on this street that’s worth going into if you like the high end designer clothing & accessorises, but not the price.  They had a ton of Gucci, which had me in the store wanting to sell everything I own for some of those gorgeous pieces. Gucci does that to a woman.
  • One of my goals on the trip was to treat myself since I was kid free and part of my plan was to get a mani/pedi. I did ALOT of research on the place to go locally in Coconut Grove & this place had the best reviews. It’s called Johari. When I showed up, I was surprised to find it was just a small little hut that had a couple of chairs on the inside for hair appointments and one table for nails & then I understood why they were APPOINTMENT ONLY. Thankfully, I had called ahead. I highly recommend this little hut – it was a perfect getaway to get pampered for a couple of hours!
  • Real Talk- Coco Walk was a let down. It is the outdoor shopping center located in the heart of coconut grove meant to have your more mall friendly stores in it. It has so much potential, but it is currently covered up by construction and like a ghost town on the inside with only a couple stores to speak of . Maybe in time, it will become more lively again!
  • Last thing to mention is the bay – You are right on the edge of a bay in Coconut Grove, so they have a great area where you can run and work out along the water & It’s also just a beautiful walk in the evenings & there are a TON of parks in the area too!

I hope this guide was helpful if you are finding yourself in Coconut Grove in Miami anytime soon. Leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions for anyone who reads this post!






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