Five Newborn Necessities – 0 to 6 months

If there is one thing I remember about the first 6 months with my twins, it is that I had WAY TO MUCH STUFF. If I truly boiled it down, the five items I’m sharing here were all I really needed, and they derived from the idea of the 4 “S”es for newborns. I actually think there is a whole book dedicated to this idea, but I never read it. I remember someone telling me to just follow the 4 “S”es – suck, shush, swaddle, sway – to sooth newborns, and it just stuck. Since this got us through naps and bedtimes with the twins, and help keep both parents on the same page, I thought I’d share some of the items that kept us sane for the first 6 months of parenthood.


wubba nub

First, how adorable is this dragon. I wish my girls had this WubbaNub! Maybe I’ll get this particular one for the next one, IF, there is a next one.

We used the WubbaNubs for the first year, and they worked great! When the girls were first born, the animals on the WubbaNubs nearly took up their entire torso because they were so tiny. We had a few different WubbaNub animals, and to avoid not having one at the necessary moment, we stocked them upstairs, downstairs, in the car, and left a set at Grandma’s. I’ve heard these help kids transition form the pacifier because they get to keep the animal as a lovely when they give it up, but we took them away from our girls entirely and they didn’t seem to mind!


Baby Susher

Don’t laugh; this little device was probably my favorite and most necessary baby essentials. Instead of a sound machine, we used the Baby Shusher for our girls. This little thing-a-ma-gig, literally makes the “Shhh” sound over and over again. At first, it will drive you off the wall because of its repetitive, but discontinuous, sound. But, despite the fact you won’t enjoy being shushed for hours on end, your baby will love it! And when the baby starts to calm and sleep, you get to sleep, shower, eat, and do other normal things. So, try it. You’ll get used to it. I can’t recommend this enough!


Miracle Swaddle

The baby burrito in the adorable muslin blankets was never my thing, but the Miracle Swaddle Blanket is definitely my thing. (And this print is so adorable!)You don’t have to worry about it coming undone and you sure as heck don’t have to remember what part of the swaddle blanket to tuck where. We used one of these for every nap and every night time sleep till the girls rolled over. I would say we kept about 8 on hand so that we didn’t have to constantly wash them.


Rock and Play

No kidding, I have bought this for every baby shower I’ve been invited to. I have also told new moms who are nesting (as I did too) to forgo the nursery and all the expense and just put on of these in your closet.  That may not be my best advice because the nesting experience is part of becoming a new mom, but more so just tells you all how much we used this versus a crib till about five months. At one point, we also owned 8 of these. No joke. We kept 2 in the nursery, 2 downstairs, and 2 at each grandmas!!

We purchased the Rock and Play with 2 speeds. You can save a little money by buying one that doesn’t rock itself, but that just seems CRAZY to me. By purchasing the one with 2 rocking speeds, the Rock and Play becomes the “set it, and forget it!” of parenting. Give the newborn a pacifier, put turn on your baby shusherthrown on a miracle swaddle, and let your baby sway the night away in the Rock and Play.

I am sure some people are concerned about the transition from the Rock and Play to a crib if you use the rocking function. I was too. But in order to decrease the number of  sleepless nights with this particular transitions, we used the timer function on the Rock and Plays. The week before we decided to move the girls to their cribs, we decreased the time the cradle stayed rocking down to 30 minutes (I believe). This way, instead of rocking all night, they rocked initially, and were forced to get themselves back to sleep if they woke and the rocking was off. The first nights in the crib weren’t perfect, but we gave it about 7 days and the girls were back to sleeping through the night! It worked for us, and I hope it works for you. We absolutely adored these handy little cradles!

And, to make your night feeds easy…

Gerber One Sleeves

They may be plain, and boring, and white, but you don’t see any of that when your changing and then nursing twins three times a night! But in all seriousness, these made night feedings much quicker. When the girls woke to feed, all I had to do was slip off their swaddle, change their diaper, and nurse. I didn’t have to worry about 6000000 buttons or getting their tiny, wiggly feet back in their jammies. One button, no foot holes – a nighttime feeding dream!

I hope these suggestions help any new mamas, or give you ideas for gifts for those moms-to-be in your life! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! 




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