4 Day Trip through Utah: A Detailed Itinerary

My husband and I just got back from a 4 day excursion with our two best friends throughout Utah.

We flew to Salt Lake City, rented an RV, met our friends at the airport & started our journey. In case you are thinking of planning a similar trip, I am going to break out our day by day so this will be a helpful guide for you too!

Day 1: Travel Day to Moab

  • We started off with breakfast at the hotel & off to pick up our RV rental in Salt Lake City. We used Cruise America for our rental and HIGHLY recommend them for any short or long term trip you may be planning!
  • We drove straight to a grocery store to pick up all the essentials needed for the trip & got on the road to Moab around 3:30 pm. It was a 4 hour trip to Moab from SLC.
  • We got into our first RV campground pretty late & had a chill night for the rest of the evening. We stayed at this campground for the next two nights. The fun really began on day 2 !

Day 2 : Moab, Utah

  •  We started off our morning with a sunrise hike to Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. It was beautiful and a great way to start the day. What we didn’t expect is the amount of people who would be waiting with professional cameras to capture the perfect shot at sunrise.  It was a little bit crowded, but it is a must-see when traveling through Utah.  It is recommended the most at sunrise & sunsets, but it is a beautiful view any time of day. The hike is very easy as well!
  • After eating some breakfast & chilling in the RV for just a little bit at Mesa Arch, we drove the “Island in the Sky” Drive through Canyonlands National Park and stopped at one of the look out points to capture some photos of the Canyonlands.
  • After leaving there, we drove the famous Scenic Byway 128 drive which is ranked #2 prettiest drive in America. It’s breathtaking and highly recommended by every local we talked to.  Along this road, There is a highly rated restaurant called The Cowboy Grill that is a good stop midpoint( Mile Marker 14)  to grab some grub.
  • Day 2 was the day of hikes. Our next hike on the list was Mill Creek Trail & this one was so much fun. It was a fairly easily hike, but I do recommend wearing  water shoes or chacos because you do have to cross small bodies of water to get to your destination, which is about 1.5 miles away from the starting point. It’s a great natural waterfall that is perfect for cliff jumping or just watching people do it for hours while wading in the water (which is what we did).
  • After Mill Creek, it was hot & we were exhausted, but we drove straight to Arches National Park to begin our sunset hike to Delicate Arch. GUYS- this was my favorite sight/hike of the whole trip. I will start by saying it is a difficult hike, You are climbing uphill over rocks for about 1.5 miles before reaching the arch. The view that you get when you arrive is incredible and well worth it. I just stood there in awe for the longest time at this creation.  You can’t leave Utah without seeing it. There is an overlook where you can see the arch from your car if you are not comfortable with the hike, but the view is so much better from the top. After the sunset hike, we called it a day and headed back to the campground.

Day 3: Whitewater Rafting & Downtown Moab

  • We started off our morning whitewater rafting with Moab Adventure Center. It is located in downtown Moab. You meet them at the adventure center & they put everyone on a large school bus to take you to the place on the Colorado River where you start your float. We did the beginners ride down the river, which only gets up to a class 3 rapid level & it was perfect if you have never been whitewater rafting before. We did the half day morning trip, which was about 3 hours on the river floating, but you can not beat the views & the tour guides are very insightful on what you are seeing as you float!
  • After we finished whitewater rafting & ate lunch in the RV, we drove straight into Downtown Moab where we spent the next couple of hours exploring the shops on main street. I highly recommend this ice cream & coffee shop we went to in Downtown called Moab Garage. They make all of their ice cream fresh to order & it is OUT of this world. Their coffee and espresso was fantastic too.
  • The rest of the day was spent driving to our next campground on our way to Bonneville Flats.  From Moab, we stayed at a KOA campground in Nevada that was only a 15 minute drive to the salt flats in the morning.

Day 4: Bonneville Salt Flats & Downtown Salt Lake City

  • We wanted to catch the Bonneville Salt Flats at Sunrise so we headed out there very early. My friend & I slept in while the boys got the footage they needed from the drone.  ON A SERIOUS NOTE- OH MY GOSH. I could not believe how beautiful it was in person. This portion above that we went to first was covered with just an inch of water, which made for some beautiful photos.
  • We hung out there for a while & then made out way over to the Salt Flats rest area, which is a very popular insta photo stop. It is a different look to the salt flats & it’s just that- all white beautiful salt with an incredible terrain in the background.
  • It was around 10:30 a.m. at this point & It was unfortunately time to return our RV to Cruise America. After returning the RV, We ubered into downtown Salt Lake City.
  • We hung out there until we took the train back to the airport. Salt Lake City has an incredible train line that takes you around the city from the airport. We used it a lot & its cheaper than an uber for the distance.
  • While in Downtown SLC, we quickly visited the famous Temple Square, walked main street and grabbed some coffee to go at a place I want located in Atlanta so bad- best iced latte ever. It was called Three Pines Coffee & the aesthetics of this coffee shop were two thumbs up.
  • After grabbing some coffee , we headed back to the airport and said our goodbyes.

It was such a fun & adventure filled trip. I feel like we barely slept & never stopped exploring for 4 days, but those seem to be some of my favorite trips. These pictures will never really do Utah justice and the beauty that state holds ,but I hope this guide helps you plan your next trip to Utah!




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