K&L Father’s Day Gift Guide

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We are both very fortunate to have some pretty amazing husbands who we have come to love even more as we’ve seen them become fathers. They also both make gift giving a bit of a challenge because they have a few too many hobbies, and we are never really sure which one is the flavor of the month. Hopefully, the dads in your life have some similar interests and this gift guide will point you in the right direction. We also have a few cute ideas for gifts for dad from the littles that will make his heart turn to mush.


nespresso.PNG This gift seems like a win for the whole family! (Oh, and the coffee obsessed Dad).

We’ve heard amazing things about the Apple airpods! Upgrade Dad’s iPhone experience, but be weary of his ability to completely tune all the whining out, by grabbing some of these. Also, we know aren’t sure of purchasing through anyone but apple, so we are sending you directly to Apple to purchase these!

If you have an adventurous hubby who loves the outdoors,traveling, and capturing all the moments, A GoPro is a good splurge. The quality of the GoPro Black Hero6 is suppose to be out of this world.  I think this is something our husbands would love, but never want to ask for!


Any article of clothing from Travis Matthewswill be a hit with Dad! This LA based brand has makes golf wear that doubles as work wear, and triples as date night wear. The quality is worth the price tag! Score 15% off your first order by signing up for their emails !

sunglasses.PNG These Sunski shades are the ultimate value, and great for the outdoors Dad. Polarized and durable. $51


Boxers.PNG If you’re guy has a thing for good undies (and the 4th of July), these are your ticket! But, seriously, this brand (Stance) nailed the whole mens underwear thing!Golf Net.PNG For the golf obsessed dad who wants to work on his swing when he isn’t on the range. $35.Mug.PNG At work or at home, keep his coffee piping hot with the ember bug. Order yourself one too ; )


These Beatles socks are perfect for the music loving Dad! 3 pairs for $42.

This Wooden Docking Station is something that we have on the list to buy our husbands. The wood gives it a masculine look, and is a perfect addition to his nightstand to charge his phone. It also holds the items men seem to lose all too often, and keeps the important things in one place. We love the look of this!

$25 and Under

If your guy is is into coffee like our are, and he’s trying really hard to master coffee art (but just isn’t there yet), get him this coffee art pen! He can add any message, swirl, or art to his latte using coffee grounds, cinnamon, etc.

Who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Our husbands do it too, even if they don’t admit it. This wireless Bluetooth shower speaker is so fun and is under $25. It allows your hubby to change the songs, turn up the volume, & even pause the music if you are trying to talk to him all from the shower. Honestly, I want one of these for myself.

From the littles

Grab your self a wooden item the kids can go to town painting on. Pick up the letters that spell out DAD or grab some wooden picture frames. Pick these items up at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Then, let the littles decorate the wooden item with these seemingly harmless (nothing is ever as it appears with toddles) paint dotters! If you choose the wooden frame to decorate, insert a picture of the family and you’ve got yourself a sentimental fathers day gift!

Another idea we love is to purchase a tumbler (like thisone), that you can insert photos into! You could also cut a sheet of paper to the size of the insert, and then decorate it with the littles. This is another great gift for dad from the kiddos!

We hope this gives you some guidance on gift ideas for the dad in your life!!




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