Mondays are for Maxis


Earrings from Personify Shop! Drop by if your ever in Duluth, GA!

Rainbow maxi hereAnd, Andrea is so proud, my straw bag is thrifted from Park Avenue Thrift here in Georgia!

Sunglasses here

Two years ago, if you would have asked me to put on a maxi dress, I would have told you that I’d prefer to not look like I was going to Prom on any given day. I felt maxi dresses were too formal, and couldn’t be styled in a way that made them feel “everyday.” I felt swallowed alive in every maxi dress I tried on and I was never tall enough to strut around in one without stepping all over the hem.

I  am not sure what has changed, I can tell you I’m not any taller, but I adore maxi dresses this season. I’d venture to say I’ve added more maxi dresses to my closets the summer than swimwear, and that is saying something! Here are a few I’ve purchased, and would recommend, if your maxi obsessed, or, soon-to-be maxi obsessed.

(Side note: Thanks to my mom for taking these photos while the twins ran rogue. They may have drank fountain water, may have tormented the cashiers at Williams & Sonoma for candy, and most definitely required us to purchase them new outfits since they smelled liked pond water!)

This one is only $21 from SHEIN. I did order a few other items that I returned for quality reasons, but this dress is so cute and good quality for the price!

Floral 1

Floral 2

I am undecided what my favorite part of this dress is…the front slit or the tie back! I would recommend sizing up one in this dress! By: Vici Collection

Midnight Flower Asymmetrical Maxi Dress,                        Main,
                        color, Rebel Red

I sized up in this one too. The length is prefect for us shorter ladies, and it works great with a pair of flats! Also only $47 with free shipping and free returns from Nordstrom!

I wanted to also add a few notes on the retailers I purchased these maxi’s from:

  1. Shein – Great for VERY inexpensive, fun pieces; however, quality is dependent on the piece. Definitely read the individual item reviews!
  2. Vici Collection – At this time, Vici Collection does not have free returns so when the sizing on the floral maxi was a little off I was pretty bummed. However, they collaborate heavily with bloggers to offer 20% off pretty much all the time. If you’ve been wanting to give them a try, I used the code KBSTYLED20 to get my discount. I think their pieces are unique and worth giving a try (especially if you know styles that typically fit your body well).
  3. Nordstrom – Well, still my favorite retailer. Free shipping, free returns, and something in everyone’s price range.




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