Andrea’s Take: A Round up of my Favorite Outfits (Thrifted, of course)

After Emma’s round up last week, I had to throw in a thirfted round up post! I seriously  have been wanting to do one of these posts for so long! I read blogs frequently, and one of my favorite pieces places to get instant fashion inspiration is from fellow bloggers!

Since I thrift the majority of my wardrobe and home, its always a challenge to provide clickable links. Instead, I am going to just provide the inspiration! I hope all the outfits showcased below give you some ideas of how you can style a few different looks.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned thrifting, it’s that there are so many different pieces out there, and even in your own closet, that your can reuse and restyle to create a totally new look!

This outfit is always a go-to for me! Just pair high-waisted skinny jeans with a kimono or cardigan thrown on top and walk out the door. 

This “skirt” is actually a maxi dress with a lightweight summer sweater on top! Finding multiple ways to use one piece expands your wardrobe without spending any additional money.


This is the maxi without the sweater, and I adore it this way as well. The shoes are also a thrifted find and will carry me through spring, summer, and fall!


Monocromatic is a trend I love, and pairing a plain dress with a camo jacket really brought the dress to life!


I live in a good hair scarf. Usually I don’t thrift these, but the rest of the outfit is 100% thrifted!

This hat is my favorite thrifted accessory I own. I purchased it for $1!!! It’s vintage & I wear it all seasons!




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