The Twins – Two (and a Half) Year Update

The twins are two and a half, and as I write that, I am in disbelief. I’m caught between missing their adorable newborn yawns and awaiting the age of full fledged conversation. I miss their constant snuggles, which have now been replaced with the occasional “go way mommy.” I long for them to eat a meal as contently as they took a bottle, and for fewer messes under the dining room table.

Having twin toddlers has been equal parts difficult and fulfilling for me. If I were to describe being a twin toddler mom to you, I would tell you some days feel like drowning, except that, just when you think you are about to take your last breath and fall into the ocean abyss, you’re thrown a life preserver in the form of the most contagious little laugh, the most beautiful little smile, or the cutest little “hey mommy, come. Come here, mommy.” Other days, you find yourself floating on a unicorn raft, mimosa in hand, completely engulfed in the bliss of motherhood.

But this isn’t a rant about twin motherhood, this is Layla and Marie’s TWO AND A HALF YEAR update. And, this past Monday, when I took the girls to their doctors appointment, I was in complete awe of my two little humans and their growth. Everything seemed to pause for that hour as the doctors told me how talkative, smart, and funny my little girls had become. I see it everyday, and sometimes I fail to acknowledge it, but in the spirit of their big milestone, here are a few facts about my Layla and my Marie.

  • Obsessed with Mimi, Grandpa, Grammy, and Pap. Literally, the world stops turning when these people enter a room, and Mom and Dad don’t exist anymore. When they are away from their grandparents, they remind us that they “miss Pap” or “miss Mimi.”
  • Love the water (like their Mama)! Both girls freely jump into the pool. They can also kick from stairs to an adult about three feet away. Marie, in particular, likes diving for those sinking sticks in three feet of water!
  • Totally Daddy’s little girls, and I don’t mind it one bit! They love him so (and I can’t blame them).
  • ‘Nastics is their sport of choice, but they have some mean dance moves too.
  • Favorite foods (no surprises here): Mac and Cheese, Pizza, and Chicken Tenders. For the record, they enjoy broccoli and greek yogurt too.
  • Current best friend: Baby Tucker
  • Favorite toys: Blocks and their babies
  • Most recent family trip: Babyland near Helen, GA where the girls witnessed Mother Cabbage giving birth to a baby girl cabbage patch doll. (The girls loved it but I found it incredibly creepy!)
  • Favorite movie: Hands down, anything involving the minions

And, I feel obligated to mention that I know some twin moms may cringe because I’m lumping both girls together, but to this day, Layla and Marie have maybe, maybe, spent two hours apart. Even though we could probably divide the girls up to tackle life sometimes, we have for some reason always opted for one parent taking both twins versus dividing the girls up. But, this will serve as my reminder to maybe divide and conquer moving forward!




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