Thrift & Splurge: White-on-White

White-on-white will forever be one of our favorite and easy looks here at Kathryn & Leigh. It’s simple. It’s chic. It’s classic.

But, since we knew as moms of toddlers this look wasn’t practical for our day-to-day, we wore white-on-white for our mom’s night out! Cue the handclaps and the cheering, and bring on the champagne! For our mom’s evening out, we did our first professional photoshoot for the blog and had dinner sans kids. At dinner, we ate enough goat cheese to get our annual fill. We split brussels with goat cheese AND a burger with goat cheese and jam – absolutely delicious! YEAH! Burger defiantly gained a spot on our list of favorite places to eat in Atlanta. Check it out in the Virginia Highlands area or the West Side Provisions district.

We absolutely had a fun-filled night, and our favorite part was shooting this look together! As with all our Thrift & Splurge looks, we try to show you a great thrifted outfit that you can replicate with items that are available from retailers today. Or, heck, get out to a thrift store and see if you’re able to find similar pieces there! The fun is in the hunt!



Shirt- Cotton Candy via Consignment shop – $3.00 // White Jeans- Old Navy Rockstars via thrift store- $2.50 – Buy Here // Brown Booties – Forever 21 via Thrift Store- Similar Here


Sunnies are from Forever21 for $1 in the clearance section. I have been wearing them nonstop all summer!


This post (and a few others coming to the blog soon) have allowed me to discover TopShop, and I’m not made about it! These high waisted jeans are $49, and are the perfect length!! I am 5 foot 4 for reference, and didn’t need to hem or cuff them.


I adored the shirt Andrea thrifted, and searched high and low to find something similar. I love how this top gathers on the side, and gives what could be a basic tank some flare! Sunnies are Karen Walker dupes from Amazon, and can be found here! I actually purchases the “real deal” version of these, and returned them! The dupes are far better and 1/20th the cost!




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