Amazon Beauty Buys

If you’re anything like either of us, you run out of lotions, make up, conditioner, and all things beauty at the exact same time. When this happens, we turn to Amazon and our trusty prime subscription to get us back in the game. Here are a few of the items we have stocked lately, and are a few that we’ve recently added to our beauty routine.


CeraVe has some effective, inexpensive skin care products. Their face wash is a favorite in the CeraVe line, but recently I came across this night cream and love it! It is definitely a thicker night cream, but you can truly feel how hydrated your skin has become when you wake up in the morning.

Jergen’s came out with a in-shower moisturizer that adds some color, and it is AMAZING. So far, I’m a little more tan, my skin a little more moisturized, and I  haven’t experienced any streaking!

I ran out of my morning facial moisturizer with SPF last week, and decided to give another brand a try. Current;ly, I am using this facial SPF each morning and I can’t say enough good things about it!

I’m quite obsessed with the Skinny & Co line. I am currently using their body scrub in the shower and I love it. Its only three ingredients : coconut oil, coconut sugar & vanilla bean.  It comes in a glass jar that is reusable as well!

I just recently made the switch to natural deodorant and while it is not easy to do so, I love it now. After reading several reviews, this is the one I am currently using and I can attest that once your body adjusts- it works like charm and smells great!

Make Up

I still do not believe I have found the HOLY GRAIL of mascaras, but this one by Tarte Cosmetics is pretty close. Of the mascaras I have tried, this one by far adds the most volume!

Most days, my “make up” is a good moisturizer, this foundation, and the Tarte mascara. Takes two seconds, and you look fresh and put together. I also love that this foundation can be applied light or thick for different looks!

I second everything Emma said above. I use a BB cream & mascara everyday with some lip balm and that is it. That is why we are not makeup gurus! All three of the products I use are natural and have clean ingredients. The BB cream is a little pricey, but worth the investment !

Hair Care

This shampoo has changed my hair completely. I started purchasing the small bottle, but now I stock the BIG MAMA bottle.

If dry shampoo is your best friend, give this one a try! Washing your hair is in the past if you’ve got kiddos in the picture!

I tend to not be brand loyal with hair and beauty products, but no argan oil feels and smells like this one! I use this to keep the frizz down in the summer and can not recommend it enough!

We have been using more natural products and making the switch when we run out of what we currently have. We have started to use this shampoo & conditioner that has a very clean ingredient list. The best part: It’s a drugstore product so it comes with a decent price tag!




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