Polka dots & Palazzo Pants

I love polka dots, a good vintage piece & high waisted palazzo pants. This outfit was one of my favorites to put together and something I have and will  continue to repeat !

I have been holding on to these pants for years & I just tore the tags off a couple of months ago. I was waiting for it to become socially acceptable to wear these pants in public.

The “top” is my favorite. I am usually horrible at figuring out creative ways to use items of clothes, but I purchased this oversized polka dot vintage blazer for .50 cents from the thrift store outlet knowing I had to figure out how to wear it so I tied it up quickly in front of my bedroom mirror & thought “this is actually cute”!

DSC_0216DSC_0224DSC_0240DSC_0241DSC_0246Palazzo Pants via Forever21 Clearance $3- Similar here //  Vintage Polka Dot Blazer via Thrift Store Outlet – .50 cents – Similar Here // Shoes – Dolce Vita Nude Sandals- via thrift store- $4.00 // Total spent on outfit: $7.00



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