MOM Jeans and Pretty Litte Bodysuits

DSC_0202 (2)

Sunnies HERE // Multiple washes of these “mom jeans”  HERE // Size up in these jeans. I am typically a 25 for anything highwaisted and went with a 28 in these-!

DSC_0205 (2)

DSC_0201 (2)

Black bodysuit tank HERE // Only available in XS, but linking more options at the end of this post!

DSC_0168 (2)

Shoes HERE // $60 and SO COMFORTABLE

Let’s talk about the “mom jean” trend. I mean, the reality is they are making fun of all us mamas, right? I could be wrong here, but the whole name “mom jean” totally pokes fun at us mamas who just want some freedom in our jeans, and are rebelling against those mid rise, super skinny jeans that our pre-baby self felt oh-so-sexy in. If they weren’t poking fun at that, they would be called “supermodel jeans” or “single lady jeans.” I mean, am I right?

But, really, it doesn’t matter how they got their name because they gave us mamas what we’ve always wanted. Jeans that are comfortable, high-waisted, easy to wear, and now, officially on trend for gals without kids running in 20 different directions. So, give me all the mom jeans, and start with these Levi’s Wedgie fit ones! I know the Levi’s 501 and 721 are the popular “mom jeans”, but trust me when I say the wedgie fit is where it’s at!

I paired my mom jeans with this sassy black bodysuit that made my husband question if I was wearing a top or lingerie. But, men don’t know fashion, so I wore it straight out the front door with all the confidence in the world. I truly love the delicate lace detail on this bodysuit and how the v-neck is replicated on the front and back of it! I also wore this bodysuit on a later date with cutoff black shorts, a pale pink blazer, and nude stilettos. So versatile! It’s safe to say mixing something dainty with something less delicate is a go to look for me!

Unfortunately, the exact bodysuit I am wearing is sold out in everything, but here are a few other options to get the same look.

The back of this bodysuit is amazing!

Although my love of a bodysuit is now SO REAL after shooting this look, you can always tuck in a simple black cami.

This bodysuit by Free Peeps is gorgeous, and looks like it would drape similarly to the one I’m wearing in this post.

Last, but not least, this is a great basic, black, henley bodysuit if you want to keep it simple!

I hope this post give you some inspiration to try out your first bodysuit AND to rock those “mom jeans” if you’re 20 something or if you’re 30-almost-40-something with more kids than you can count. And maybe you only have one kid, but more kids than I can count is kind of how I feel daily!



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