10 Tips for Living a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

My Family and I are slowly making the switch to more natural products and slowly changing ways that we can be more eco-friendly in our home.

One thing I have learned from this process is that it just takes time and that’s okay. I feel like you can get crazy overwhelmed when you hear words like recycling, eco-friendly, living natural, going green. I know it once overwhelmed me too.

I realized that every step I take to take care of this sweet Earth God has given us, I felt better about the way I was living day-to-day to contributing to a more green earth.

I wanted to share my top ten tips to becoming more eco-friendly in your home that we have been implementing in ours.

10 Tips for living a more Eco-Friendly life

  1. Recycle Recycle Recycle. I can’t even tell you how much this terrified me. I felt so overwhelmed when I thought about it. Luckily, most counties make it so simple for you to recycle. You can request a free recycling can from your waste management company or you can also just buy a trash can and place a recycle sticker on it too! My recycling trash can is overflowing on Mondays for pickup. It makes me feel so terrible about all those weeks that I just threw away everything that could be reused again. It’s never too late to start this process.
  2. Start becoming more conscious about the electricity that you are using on a daily basis. I am a stay at home mom so I am constantly running all over the house. I have been trying to be more aware of only using the lights in our home when it is necessary. It saves on our bill each month and helps the environment. I just open up all the windows in the home all day for natural light and use the electricity in the evening.
  3. Purchase a reusable water bottle.
  4. Use dish clothes in your kitchen as much as you can in place of paper towels or paper products in general. We were so bad for using up a ridiculous amount of paper towels on a daily basis . It made me ill thinking about it. I had to do something about it, so I hid the paper towels so there were not as easily accessible until we got out of the habit. We rarely use them anymore and only get them out from underneath the cabinet when its necessary.
  5. I can not stress this one enough- secondhand shop for clothing and home decor- at least every now and then if you can not commit to it full-time. That doesn’t mean you have to go into a grungy thrift store (although those are my personal favorite), if you are not one to enjoy the hunt, check out local consignment boutique for nicer secondhand clothes. Always recycle your own clothes too – never throw them in the trash!
  6.  Use reusable canvas bags in grocery stores or when you go shopping & a reusable cup for your coffee in the morning.
  7. Start a compost pile or bin. This is something we have not started doing yet, but it is next on our list. We are setting up a small compost bin in our backyard to dump items that are compostable.
  8. Eat less meat. I say this one with caution – I am not saying you need to completely flip the switch and become vegan if you are not. Meat production results in more carbon emissions than any other protein so you are doing a small part by picking a few select vegetarian meals every week .
  9. Purchase the right light bulbs. Don’t replace all the light bulbs in your home right now that are currently working, but as they burn out replace them with CFL bulbs.  CFL bulbs can last five times longer and use less electricity. They are little more expensive, but it is worth the investment and better for the environment.
  10.  Buy house plants. House plants naturally remove toxins in your home, improve your health & more.

I hope this short beginners list is helpful to starting your eco-friendly journey. I will share more tips and tricks as we go along with our journey too. My main advice is to be okay with a slow transition and don’t overwhelm yourself trying to become completely green overnight. It’s a beautiful journey- enjoy it!



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