The Blog Societies Conference – Part 1

A week ago, I attended The Blog Societies Conference to learn a little somethin’, somethin’ about blogging for Kathryn & Leigh. Andrea wasn’t able to attend because she already had weekend plans, but, the great thing about being a team is that you can play to each others strengths. Andrea is more the introverted, creative half and I am more of the outgoing, back office half of our team. So, an event like a conference is something I get beyond excited about! But, even being an extrovert, I was a little intimidated to attend the The Blog Societies Conference welcome party alone. The women I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with are, from my perspective, successful bloggers, and I didn’t know what they would think of our small blog.

When I walked into the welcome party, I made my way to the bar and quickly made conversation with Bailey Carver of the blog Beautiful Detour. She’s from Salt Lake City, and was an open book of knowledge. Later I met @paronmuahinsta, who’s outfit immediately caught my eye. She wore an adorable white Vici Dolls dress, and looked put together in a way I admired. I spoke with Jessica and Cathy, the Blog Societies Founders, and chatted with a few of the ladies who came as a crew from Houston. After the two hour welcome party, I had learned that the Blog Societies is an inviting group of women with a common goal: to encourage each other. I left the welcome party feeling like I could tackle the rest of the weekend confidently, ask all the questions, and engage with all the successful women in attendance.

I mention my intimidation, and the beautiful women I met at the welcome party because I think all too often we don’t do things because they challenge us or because we are fearful we won’t be accepted. If I had let my fears get the best of me, or not had Andrea’s encouragement to purchase the tickets, I would have missed out on a great learning experience. In the following two days of the conference, I learned an immense about about book keeping for blogging, website design, contracts for bloggers, and marketing for creatives. I plan on blogging about these specific workshops next weeks, but today I just wanted to encourage you to do something that shakes your foundation a little. You never know how much taller you’ll grow from taking that leap!



(P.S. I wanted to give a shout out to Jessica and Cathy for all the work they did to get amazing sponsors for the event! All the pictures from this blog post feature companies that sponsored the event. Vera Bradley, Kendra Scott, Yankee Candle, La Croix, and so many other gifted generous gifts to all The Blog Societies Conference attendees, and we were so grateful! The gifts were so unexpected, and greatly appreciated.)

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