About Kathryn & Leigh


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Welcome to our blog – We are Emma {Kathryn} and Andrea {Leigh}. Well, I guess you understand how we got our blog name now. I am sure you thought there was just one of us, didn’t you?

We are 20- something mamas who live next to each other, and have a passion for sharing tidbits of motherhood, fashion, and just life in general.

The two of us met when Andrea was 39.5 weeks pregnant on the door step of her new house. Our husbands quickly bonded over the state of their front yards and their efforts to have a green lawn. Andrea and I simply vowed to get together again, and after a few get-togethers, here we are.

Emma works as the Product Development Director for a start up beverage company, and is a twin mom to toddler girls. Andrea is a stay at home mom to the biggest-blue-eyed boy you’ll ever meet. We thought that by joining forces, we could share our unique experiences and inspire you along the way. You will find everything from the baby necessities to our favorite thrift store and splurge finds, all right here!