K&L Ideas for Fourth of July around Atlanta


When we have a day off with the kiddos, we do out best to make it a day we will never forget! Keep reading to check out some family-friendly ideas for Fourth of July Fun around Atlanta!

One of the reasons we love Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs is that regardless of the time of year there are events, festivals, and destinations for almost everyone! During Fourth of July week the events are amplified, and our city puts on its most patriotic gear and heads into the holiday with pride and southern flare. Fourth of July may be on a Wednesday this year, and our hopes of a three day weekend may be crushed, but there are so many activities to participate in. Since it can be hard to decide exactly what to do for the Fourth of July, we have put together a list of some ideas for Fourth of July fun around Atlanta.

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Amazon Finds: Swim Suits, Pareos, and all things SUMMER

Earrings here. Similar swim (by the same brand) here. Hat here. Sunnies (in tortoise shell) here, and our favorite tassel pareo here

This month has been absolute insanity for Andrea and me. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that between the two of us we’ve been in a handful of different states in the past two weeks – Washington, California, Kentucky, and Alabama. (Ok, so a handful minus one!) We’d be lying if we said we weren’t enjoying it because we both love discovering new places (and rediscovering familiar ones), but it just gets a little hectic!

In prepping for our travels and upcoming trips, we always turn to Amazon. Some of these things you may have caught on our stories, but now that we’ve gotten them in the mail and can confirm they a good quality and worth a purchase, we are sharing a few of these items again. We are sharing a few new favorites as well! Continue reading

4 Best Online Thrift Stores You Need to Know About

We all love online shopping. I would say that is a reason why a lot of people stray away from thrift stores. Thrift stores are hard work. They are meant for those that love the hunt & find searching for hours and maybe walking away with one find fun. But what if you could have both- the greatness that is secondhand shopping from the comfort of your bed?

The ability to buy secondhand(which I am 100 % for to help save a little bit of clothing waste) & have a search engine where you can type in exactly what you are looking for without the hours scrolling – it exists!

Some of you may already know that online thrift stores are a thing, but for those that don’t – I’m going to break it down for you in this post . Continue reading

K&L Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wite Background

We are both very fortunate to have some pretty amazing husbands who we have come to love even more as we’ve seen them become fathers. They also both make gift giving a bit of a challenge because they have a few too many hobbies, and we are never really sure which one is the flavor of the month. Hopefully, the dads in your life have some similar interests and this gift guide will point you in the right direction. We also have a few cute ideas for gifts for dad from the littles that will make his heart turn to mush.


nespresso.PNG This gift seems like a win for the whole family! (Oh, and the coffee obsessed Dad).

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Thrift & Splurge: Gingham

We are loving the gingham trend right now! Dresses, skirts, tube tops, swimsuits, and even shoes…it. is. everywhere.  It’s just one of those classic prints that you can dress up or down, and keep in your closet far beyond it’s days of blatant trendiness.

With this gingham set as our inspiration, we set out to share gingham trend with you in our own individual ways. In true Andrea fashion, she found a nearly identical tube top to the one in the $110 English Factory set Emma is wearing for under $5! She paired it with an oversized blazer, high waisted black denim, and some slides, and her look couldn’t be more edgy! Emma wore the set together as, and paired it with a black paisley hair scarf and black wedges. Since then, she has worn the full skirt with a black graphic tee, and the set together with a chambray button down. See what we mean – gingham is so versatile!

$5 Gingham Tube Top I am wearing here

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